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My love of photography came at an early age while growing up in California where I devoured every magazine I could get my hands on. They were my window to another world of incredible talents in fashion, cinema, music and travel. I would read the mastheads of magazines to see where they were and decided I would move to New York. The first time my name appeared in a magazine was at Elle Magazine, then Premiere Magazine. For the next 16 years, I worked at the top magazines and production companies learning from the best.
In 2010, I was hired to move back to California to reinvent a trade paper. My passion for film, television and music would be a major inspiration to create the photo and video aesthetics for not one but soon after two trades, The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard. Shortly after returning to California, my interest in visual mediums quickly expanded to motion content where I created a 30 person video department from the ground up where a stellar team created entertaining, award-winning and important content at shoots, film and music festivals, awards shows, and for broadcast.
After creating literally thousands of photo and video shoots, my hunger for creating compelling visual stories is just getting started!

Clockwise from top left: Here, I'm directing Director's roundtable, Djeneba Aduayom shooting Julia Garner in Silver Lake, Ruven Afanador photographing Robert Redford in snowy New Mexico, Bill Phelps and Bradley Cooper's cover shoot at Cafe Moto, Shooting video on a boat in Cannes, Chloe Zao being photographed by Joe Pugliese at The Paramour Estate in 2020, Ramona Rosales shooting Cynthia Erivo's Oscar Issue cover, Shooting Ryan Coogler's video portrait at Director roundtable, Mahershala Ali being photographed by Miller Mobley in Santa Barbara, reviewing the images with Mobley in the monitor at Tiffany Haddish's memorable THR cover shoot.

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